HEMP FOR PETS – For A Happy Healthy Furry Friend

We all want to live that happy healthy life, which is now possible with the wide rage of Herbal Health Hemp Products, but have you thought about your furry little wonders, your pets…. Yes there is a large range of beneficial products for your pets.Hemp for pets, available in a large variety of items.

  • Hemp Toys
  • Hemp Treats
  • Hemp Oil
  •  hemp bedding

I am going to guide you though all their wonderful products to ensure a happy healthy furry friend.

Hemp Oil for Pets

Hemp oil for dogs and cats, what is it?

Hemp products such as hemp oil is being produced for your pets, it is high in nutrients, and essential oils, and a perfect source of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Hemp seed oil is better than fish oil, and flax seed oil.

Your dog and cat needs fatty oils in their diet, but don’t always get enough in their everyday diets, Hemp seed oil will complete their diet.

Hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory effects, so it helps ease chronic pain and anxiety, and it has been shown to halt the spread on cancer cells.

Hemp seed oil will make you dogs and cats skin healthy, and make their coats shine.

Hemp seed oil will also not interfere with your dogs or cats kidney and liver function, unlike other medication.

Hemp Toys For Pets


Entertain mans best friend with a Tug a Hemp rope

This dog toy is made out of 100% all natural strong hemp rope, it is free of chemicals, which makes it non-toxic.

Hemp is naturally antimicrobial, mold and mildew resistant, and hypoallergenic.

Hemp is a highly renewable resource that grows without pesticides or weed killers, and it doesn’t require heavy bleaching like cotton.

Hemp Bedding for Pets


Hemp mats are perfect for any rodent enclosures, it will supply you furry friend with a soft couch surface which is dry and warm, and hemp mats own their own robustness against pests like mites, mushrooms and putrefaction.

Hemp mats are perfect to cover the floors in cages.

Rodents such as rats, mice and hamsters use the hemp mats to construct their nests.

Hemp carpets and mats is made out of 100%hemp, and contains no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or artificial fertilizers.






Bird cage nest made from cotton and weaved rope made from hemp, ideal bed for small parrots, budgies, parakeets, cockatoos and love birds.

This bed is made of premium cotton and hemp rope, the bird breeding nest is durable, safe, warm and non-toxic, it can also be used to relieve pressure and boredom.

Hemp Treats for pets


No one likes to see their pets in distress, be it from loud noises or separation anxiety.

Hemp calming dental sticks is the solution, to help keep your pets teeth clean as well as reduce their tension.


Apart from the dental sticks, why not get your precious little bundles some calming treats, which is full of health and nutrition, not only does it contain the medical of hemp, but is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids chamomile and lemon balm, the perfect combination for a stress free pet.


What about your feathered friend? Hemp seeds has a high oil content, which supplies your bird with all essential fatty acids, it is ideal for all year round feeding, and it is high in protein.


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